This mural is about migratory birds in Estartit, Catalonia. These birds represent the transformation process that this space is undergoing: the recovery of the natural marsh that was destroyed by the urban speculation. The landscape was invaded by the construction of apartments on the seafront and when the real estate bubble burst the project stopped, leaving the view a wide arid land, as if waiting to be built.

All this land was delimited by a walk of cobblestones, typical of the village of l’Estartit, which cut the direct connection to the beach. Now the process has been reversed and the construction machines are those that removed everything that is not part of the nature of the environment, dismantling the road and the tons of sand that leveled the ground to a height.

This intervention has been carried out in a box that can be destroyed, but the intention is to disclose this recovery process. The migratory birds drawn correspond to the family of the Ardeidae of the order of the ciconiformes, specifically it is the Egretta garzetta or popularly known in the area as Martinet blanc, a typical bird of l’Empordà. This species was affected by the urban invasion and the mural represents the two directions that these birds undertake, the going and the return. The birds have already been able to return home.



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