This installation starts with three doors that invite you to open your senses and enter a new state of consciousness. These doors are placed in three strategic points on the map, representing the exact measurements of the three great pyramids of Egypt.

For the ancient Egyptians the pyramids connected them with the cosmos, they had the intention of creating stone artifacts that represented an earthly model of the beyond and connected them with cosmos, home of gods. It is well known that the Three Great Pyramids have the scale measurements of the Orion belt, the most important constellation of antiquity.

I took the measures of the pyramids, I drew them on the map and with “my extensive knowledge of trigonometry”, and transferred those measurements to my city, on a concrete path, the one I made towards the forest with my bicycle, the one that crossed the river towards a house, where I worked with my paintings, where I had that space that allowed me to develop my creativity. Now I had three points in my path that connected me with Egypt, with their gods, with our stars.

I realized that without walls or roof I had built my own temple, my place of meditation, I marked it with three doors that were symbols of new paths. Surely the doors would disappear but I could remember those points on the landscape.



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