Jofre Oliveras is spanish visual artist that mainly works with mural painting, sculpture and installation. Bases his research and work in public spaces, understanding public space not only as the common place designated for society, also the space where communication is possible, regardless its status: legal/illegal, natural/artificial or virtual/physical.

Jofre Oliveras understand the landscape as a part of the art work, therefore need a constant research of new concepts and contexts. The materials and techniques are conditioned by the environment, because the realisation of an idea implies the assimilation of a new connection with space.

Jofre Oliveras defines art as a comunication process derived from human sensitivity. He thinks that art must be a tool to define the needs for change in people, society and the historical context. Through image as a language, he uses satire to criticize social convictions and conventionalism.



2019 Nuart festival, Norway.

2018 Juxtapoz Clubhouse for Art Basel Miami: Void Projects “Meaningless”.

2018 Void Projects “Homeless” (Miami)

2018 Kursaal de Casserres.

2018 Konvent punt zero, Void Projects “Creença”.

2017 El Purgatori, València.

2017 Museu de la Mediterrània.

2012 Carbonera, Museu d’Història de Girona.

2011 Les Bernardes de Salt.

2010 Museu Etnològic d’Amer.


2018 Tuenti Urban Art Academy, Urvanity.

2018 MUR, Manresa.

2018 MIAU de Fanzara.

2018 Art&Gavarres.

2017 Festival Cítric, Castellón.

2017 Festival Asalto, Zaragoza.

2017 Festival MIAU de Fanzara.

2017 Festival Gargar, Penelles.

2016 ÚS Barcelona.

2016 Mulafest.

2016 Girona Temps de Flors.

2016 Videoformes, Clermont-Ferrand.

2015 Milestone Project Girona.

2015 Festival d’Art independent Pepe Sales.

2014 Festival d’Art independent Pepe Sales.


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