What to expect from art?

We could start from the idea that art is the expression of the aesthetic experience, or also art is language manifesting beauty, equally this would lead us to explain how we define this language. But the true is the language is what defines us.

The mind is only possible through a comunication system, our inside is configured by many complex relations of language for represent our experiences, and our completely counciousness develops from sharing our impressions with others, contrasting our imaginary to a common reallity. Then all the language structures that allow ideas, concepts and constructions is configuring our mind.

Art is a result of our mind expressing a beauty experience, but many times one result can transform the expression form and change mind. This is what the Adria expect, seduce the beholder to the change, as himself have been seduced before (the beauty can be defined for how the viewer is amazed, sometimes for the order, sometimes for disorder).

Create is stay inside the change, because to create we have to surprise ourselves, and only its posible if we live with liberty, if anyone is holiding on conventional life, this person also have conventional thoughts and every creative action is conditioned for all we have been educated with.